We went from the window to the walls with these. WHAT?
YEAH-YA!!! 6 Pork and sausage meatballs in an apple
chutney sauce. $8.99
Basket of Tots or Chips
A basket of fresh made tater tots or fresh crisp potato chips.
You know you want some. Comes with a dipping sauce of
your choice. $5.99
Caprese Salad
This is indeed a salad, but it belongs here with our
appetizers. In Italy this is considered an ‘antipasto’ or a
starter to a meal. Simple, solid flavors. Buon Appetito! $8.99
Cheese Curds
Delicious Wisconsin curds, beer battered and served with
honey mustard. $8.99
Chip Hop Hooray
Our original nacho goodness. Fresh crisp potato chips
smothered with beer cheese, and topped with chicken,
bacon, tomatoes, and scallions. $10.99
Double “C” Tacos
Roasted Chickpea and Cauliflower. Served with citrus
honey slaw, avocado, chimichurri aioli and sliced
jalapeno. $11.99
Garlic Knotty
We take house made dough, brush it with garlic and herbs
and bake until golden brown. Served with marinara. $6.99
Just Wings
One pound of chicken wings with your choice of sauce.
Buffalo, 101 BBQ, honey mustard, ranch or blue cheese.
Old School Chicken Tenders
Homestyle recipe tenders and tots or chips served with your
choice of Buffalo, honey mustard, 101 BBQ, ranch or blue
cheese. $11.99
101 BBQ, Beer Cheese, Buffalo, Honey Mustard,
Bleu Cheese, Marinara, Ranch, Thai-Peanut
Make it a personal pizza for $3 less
Cheese Pizza
The classic mozzarella pizza. Great as is or customize it.
Design Your Own pizza
Start from a plain cheese and add items
In place of marinara you can have:BBQ, Garlic Cream
Cheddar, Xtra Mozzarella $1.25 each
Bacon, Chicken, Ham, Meatballs, Pastrami, Pepperoni,
Sausage $1.75 each
Basil, Black Olives, Garlic, Green Pepper, Jalapeno,
Mushrooms, Pesto, Pineapple, Red Onion, Red Pepper,
Roasted Potatoes, Sriracha (Drizzled), Tomatoes $1.25 each
House Pizzas
*No Substitutions*
BBQ Chicken
Chicken, onion, BBQ sauce, mozzarella $16.99
One of A Kind
Bacon, red bell pepper, red onion, garlic cream sauce,
mozzarella $17.99
Ham, pineapple, bacon, pesto, marinara and mozzarella
Sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon, chicken, marinara and
mozzarella. $18.99
Margherita Pizza
Marinara, fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes, basil. $14.99
Obey the Pizza
Meatballs, roasted potatoes, garlic cream sauce,
mozzarella and sriracha. $17.99